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Artwork by Lulujoelle 

Lulu Joelle is more than just an artist. She is a storyteller, a healer, and a traveller. Her paintings are not only beautiful, but also meaningful and powerful.

Lulu Joelle is an artist who uses her paintings as a way of expressing her emotions and experiences. She has travelled to many countries in Southeast Asia, such as Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia and Myanmar, where she was inspired by the culture, nature and wildlife. She visited elephant sanctuaries and learned about their plight and their beauty. She also explored her own journey with mental health and how art helped her cope and heal.


Her artwork reflects her passion and curiosity for the world. She works on large canvases with acrylics, creating vibrant and dynamic scenes that capture the essence of her travels. She uses strong bold colours and bright lights to contrast the darkness and challenges she faced in her life. She also incorporates elements of her poetry into her paintings, adding layers of meaning and emotion. which reflects her emotions and experiences in life. They are honest and heartfelt, expressing her hopes and fears, her joys and sorrows.

One of her most remarkable series of paintings is inspired by her visit to Thailand in 2016, where she fell in love with the elephants. She was touched by their intelligence, their gentleness, their majesticness and their resilience. She learned about their history of exploitation and abuse, and how they were rescued and cared for by dedicated people in the sanctuaries. She felt a deep connection with them, as they also suffered from trauma and pain. She decided to honour them with her brush strokes, capturing their spirit and grace in her vibrant and expressive style.

She decided to dedicate her next series of paintings to them, capturing their spirit and grace in her vibrant and expressive style. She hopes that her artwork will raise awareness and support for the elephant conservation efforts, and to respect and protect the elephants and their habitats. as well as inspire others to find joy and hope in their own journeys.

Lulu Joelle's artwork is a way of communicating with herself and with others. She uses it as a form of therapy, to heal from her wounds and to celebrate her achievements. Her latest exhibition is a biopsy of her work, showcasing some of her most memorable and impactful pieces. It is a celebration of her creativity and resilience, as well as a tribute to the places and people that inspired her. It is an invitation to join her on her journey and to discover the beauty and diversity of Southeast Asia through her eyes.



"Rebirth: A mother's Joy and sorrow

This painting is a tribute to the resilience and love of a mother elephant who suffered a tragic loss.  The mother elephant has a tragic past She was forced to work in the logging industry, where she suffered multiple miscarriages of her babies due to the harsh conditions. When she refused to leave her dead baby, her mahout blinded her with a stick. She was rescued and brought to an elephant sanctuary, where she finally gave birth to a healthy baby. The painting depicts the mother chasing after her baby in a field of rainbow colours , surrounded by bright butterflies. The butterflies symbolize the souls of her lost babies, who are sending her messages of love and hope. .The painting uses bright colors and expressive strokes to convey the emotions of joy, love, and gratitude that the mother and baby elephant share. Lulujoelle used a variety of techniques, impasto, and palette-knife, to create texture and contrast in the painting. This painting is a tribute to the resilience and strength of these amazing animals and their bond with each other.


Looking into the eyes of an elephant,

What does an elephant see?,

An elephant sees deep down into your heart and soul,

elephant know's and begs and pleads

elephants tortured to its knees

so afraid of something so small and torturous

a little man with his tool

One small tool can blind the elephant

The elephant dreams and dreams to be free,

dreams to break the mental chains that entrape her

What does an elephant see?

An elephant sees abuse and torture from a little man with a little heart

What does the elephant see?

the elephant sees freedom peace and tranquillity

the Elephant breaks those chains Soon to be free

free to love

free to be Seen

that elephant is just like me

the elephant is free .


A Mother's Love

The painting depicts a touching scene of a mother and a baby elephant in a colorful  setting. The mother's trunk is wrapped around the baby's body, as if to protect and comfort him. The baby is playing with his mother with a curious and innocent expression. The painting conveys the message that elephants are just like humans in their emotions and their forgiveness. No matter how much torture the elephants had suffered from humans, they still forgave and trusted again. Some elephants never recover in the sanctuary and they become loners and not engaging with any other elephant. The painting invites the viewer to empathize with these majestic creatures and to appreciate their resilience and love.



Child Medusa

This acrylic painting is a self-portrait of lulujoelle as a young child. She was struggling with the trauma of being different from others. She faced bullying at school and drama at home. The only place she felt safe was in a little box where no one could tease her she was called Medusa . She painted herself with bright colors and expressive strokes to show her emotions and personality.  This painting is a powerful and honest expression of her inner world.

Floral Armor

Lulujoelle paints herself surrounded by vibrant flowers that symbolize her strength and beauty. She uses acrylics to create a contrast between the softness of her face and the boldness of her floral crown. The flowers are not only a decoration, but also a shield that protects her from the harshness of the world. She wears her colours and her house as her armour, showing her confidence and identity. 




I am not a plaything..

a object for you to conquest...

I am a human,

I have feelings,

I hurt,

I feel pain,

I am not for your pleasure,

your plaything

your toy to drop and pick up when you want to.

I am a woman,

I am a human,

I cry,

I bruise,

I breath

my heart ticks

my cells grow

I am constantly changing...

i am daughter

a mother

a aunt

I was not put on this earth so you could use me,

abuse me,

to be  treated as a piece in your collection...

your collection I am not...

Im no ones item for you to compare  to criticise,

for you to pull apart...

my value is not determined by you

I am a woman

a beautiful loving caring woman

I have feelings

when you cut me I bleed

when you tell me I’m not good enough,

I feel I’m not good enough

when you reject me,

I will not give you the power...

I will not feel I’m not good enough ...

for you cannot destroy me,

I am a woman,

we’ve done this since the beginning of time,

you will not destroy me..  you need to learn to love me...

to learn that I am as equal to you as you are to me..

that your feelings and my feelings are equal

my value does not Deteriorate by how you value my beauty

as I grow older my value is not less because of my ageing face

I am still a beautiful woman

I will always be a beautiful woman

I know one mans opinion of my beauty will...

I’m different from you

I am a woman

I stand in my power

I am a woman

I am graceful gentle but I am still strong

I am strong

as I hold up the pain of our ancestors

the hurt of our mothers And grandmothers

  I carried the wounds, pain, belittling,

I carried the coping mechanisms of my mothers and mothers before them

The pain of not being able to say no it’s not okay for you to think that I am a sexual object

That you have a right to lay your hands on me

who gave you the right to say my body is yours...

I am a women

when I said no I meant no

when I screamed no I meant no

you seem to not listen..

you seem to devalue it

you made me feel dirty

you made me feel less than

what’s gave you the right to think it was okay

But I am a women ...

women that walk with our ancestors every day

for it is a man’s world they say

for generations it’s been told...

we need to stand in our power

I am a woman abuse

A woman who stands with the scars of the abuse

the belittling using the toying

the gaming of all the women before me

I am a woman a proud strong woman

the deepest darkest parts of my soul are open

Im ready to heal

heal all trauma

to gain the power to take back my womanhood

to take back who We are meant to be

without the conditioning of man...


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